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Hello, Welcome to Apex Window Works
. You're probably wondering, " what is different about our company from the hundreds of others ?" The main advantage - it is our staff , competent and professional technicians , with extensive experience in wood windows repair
. We will help you to solve any problems that concerns window problems not depending on their age and configuration , material or manufacturer.
To avoid any confusion , list of works and prices are discussed with the supervisor or foreman, who travels to the place of work, estimates the volume and complexity of the work , providing consultation on what is most effective and affordable solution.
Our technicians are competent in what work should be performed to return the windows to their new look. Let the professionals from Apex Window Works take care of you and you will forget about the problems with windows.

With new windows the world looks better!

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We welcome your questions and comments! For general information or product information, please contact us by phone, email or postal mail.

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Our location: 352 lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village IL 60007
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More About Our Services

Wood Windows Repair

Mold and rot damage to wood windows rob your home of beauty, energy costs and even security. Apex fixes frames and trim, and strengthens with varnish & stains.

Glass Replacement

Chipped and broken glass can shatter, causing injury and costly repair. Our glazing specialists use special tools to treat or replace glass as necessary in homes & offices.

Foggy Windows

Real estate location means nothing if you can’t enjoy the view from your foggy windows. Apex will remove unwanted moisture trapped in failed thermal panes.

Full Window Replacement

Sometimes a quick fix is not an option. Apex Window works

Apex Window Works offers you variety of services for repair wooden windows. Our technicians that provide wood repair, replacement have specialized in this area for many years and are available to come out for a free estimate to either residential or commercial property. Repairs include sash repair, frame repair, caulking, wood casing, trimming, vanishing and staining and any kind of finish. If your wood windows are rotten or have mold, our wood repair specialists will be able to come out and provide you with information about the repair and cost with no charge for the visit.

If you are looking for a less expensive version than full window and door replacement and have no problem with your frame, then glass replacement may be an option for you. Apex replaces any kind of glass units that match your pre-existing glass (see list of glass types). Our team of glazing specialists is available any time of year for emergency broken glass. They are specialized to do both residential and commercial jobs. For commercial jobs our technicians complete the work of great difficulty or size using the necessary tools. Currently we are working with several major Chicagoland companies, and if you need a proposal for your building, we can schedule for a meeting with our director of sales.

We have all seen commercial and residential buildings with windows that have moisture trapped between the panes of glass. Apex Window Works can fix those foggy windows at a fraction of the price of replacing the unit! Apex Window Works offers a convenient, professional service that restores your view and saves you money. Our proven process quickly removes moisture from failed thermal pane windows and sliding doors, and permanently recovers insulating R-Value.

Rotted, loose or cracked exterior cases, split muntins and brittle putty to hold glass panes can all contribute to unwanted water seepage and air infiltration. When damage is too severe for patching, Apex Window World will replace full windows with matching wood windows, or new fiberglass, vinyl or metal windows.